Brief Research Statement

My research tracks the way that marginalized groups are represented in political institutions. Currently, I focus on the substantive representation of LGBT/Q communities and the resistance to such representation. I use queer phenomenology alongside interpretive methods and discourse analysis.


“The Process of Substantive Representation for LGBT/Q Communities: A Case Study of the United Kingdom”
Committee: Mona Lena Krook, Kira Sanbonmatsu, R. Daniel Kelemen, Elena Gambino, Andrew Reynolds (Princeton University)

Synopsis: I blend together feminist and queer theory, along with phenomenology, to track key policies related to LGBT/Q rights. I pay particular attention to the ways that critical actors identify and ultimately shape LGBT/Q communities and claim the authority to advocate on behalf of these groups. I conclude with the suggestion of working towards “world-building” representation.

Other Research Projects

“Political Homophobia in the European Parliament”

“More than one: Political Representation in Technological worlds”